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Our Quality

All of our operations are guided by both the quality and environmental systems - from procurement to the finished product. The highest standard of quality has always been at the core of our operations. The type approvals for respirators also require it. We have continuously developed our own quality assurance methods, the latest addition being our own testing laboratory. The ISO 9001 quality system was certified in the summer of 2020 and The ISO 14001 environmental system in the summer of 2022.


Carbon neutral

We have been carbon neutral since July 2022. However, the goal is to improve our carbon neutrality through everyday actions and reduce compensation part. We compensate for all of the CO2 emissions generated in our operations by planting seedlings through Taimiteko ( We use environmentally friendly options in our transportation fleet and company vehicles. Waste recycling has been increased and we are looking for a recycling option for production’s surplus material.

We continue to work hard in finding the best practices for all our operations to create superior products and protect the Earth.

Our Certificates


Superior protection

We at JedX specialize in respiratory protection. We exist to enable people to breathe safely. In order to guarantee superior protection, we choose the highest quality materials. We have developed our own product designs and production methods for the safest possible results. JedX respirators are developed and manufactured in Finland in our own purpose-built production facilities.

Functional Design

Our products are designed and developed together with health care professionals, the industrial sector, security sector, Maritime administration, as well as athletes. Valuable insights from the field have helped us design and develop products which are easy to work with and comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

Special attention has been paid to breathability, an odorless and skin-irritation-free experience as well as the perfect fit.

We have succeeded with our respirators when people forget they are wearing one. Various strapping options offer comfort for different usage methods. Development work has been carried out both in Finland and in the Netherlands and Japan.

Proven and Tested Quality

Our respirators are tested in two accredited European laboratories, and we collaborate with VTT (the Technical Research Centre of Finland) on research development as well as quality control. VTT acts as our continuous quality partner to ensure the high standards and consistent quality of our products. To ensure the quality of our products, the testing of our products is outsourced, testing samples of each batch of raw material.

We have manufactured over 15 million respirators and have not received any feedback of allergic reactions. Our users praise the breathability and comfort of our products.

JedX superior quality and safety


99,12 %

JedX FFP2 Particle filter efficiency as compared to 94 % standard


99,9 %

JedX FFP3 Particle filter efficiency as compared to 99 % standard


1,68 mbar

JedX FFP3 breathing resistance as compared to 3 mbar standard

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